We guarantee all fish will be live upon arrival regardless of shipping method (2 day shipping or overnight shipping).

In rare case of a DOA: Take photo & send to or send via text to 774-400-4598.

We must receive a clear, close up photo within 2 hours of arrival. Therefore, if photo is not received within that time no guarantee will be applied.

Box cannot be left outside in hot or cold weather. Please be waiting for arrival to ensure guarantee will be applied.

In addition we can not guarantee the mixing of species. There are general rules of thumb when adding to tank. We can recommend fish that can co-exist but there is  no way to be 100% sure this will work.

In conclusion if you have any questions please call or text Steve at 774-400-4598. I’m available all the time. I will be happy to help with anything.



Please see our Video Tutorial on how to acclimate your new fish. The process of acclimating new fish is crucial to their survival.

 Click Here For Video Tutorials 

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